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Since establishment, Bodhi Meditation has not ceased in its compassionate mission to help build a healthier and happier community. Since 2016, The City of Richmond has proclaimed August 3rd, as “Bodhi Meditation Day”. In 2018, the BC provincial government also proclaimed the date as “Bodhi Meditation Day” across the province. Bodhi Meditation has held the free charity event “Bodhi Meditation Day” for the past 4 years in a row in celebration of this special day.

Bodhi Meditation has partnered and made donations to other non-profit organizations in the past such as VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, Cops for Cancer, Richmond General Hospital, Richmond Christmas Fund and the Richmond Food Bank.

“Bodhi Meditation will donate part of the proceeds from this year’s Fun Fair event to Adopt-a-School project to fund breakfast for children in need.” 
We welcome everyone to join our Buy & Sell Market! Together, help kids in need with breakfast.
27th Aug
Tables filled 100%
28th Aug
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July 27th 2019 (Sat)


July 28th 2019 (Sun)


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A variety of shops and local vendor will be joining our Fair as well, find fresh produce, handmade everyday items and more!

A variety of food trucks, snacks and refreshments to satisfy your taste buds.

A variety of live musical and dance performances showcasing the multiculturalism and diversity of our great community. Join in on the fun and games and win awesome prizes.

Drop in and try meditation for yourself, relax in body and mind and increase overall energy.

An assortment of goods and treasure waiting for your discovery.

Past Event Highlights · 2018 Bodhi Meditation Day

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Help the planet and be more ecofriendly by joining or buying from our Buy & Sell Market. Recycle and reuse for a good cause and declutter your house as well in the process. Gather up all your gently used household items and bring them down to become a vendor yourself!


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