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Join a Bodhi Meditation Introductory Session

12/7 週六(Saturdays)

10:30 am -1pm






增強能量、補充元氣 、減緩病痛、

Bodhi Meditation can help :

• Rejuvenate physical health
• Sustain positive energy throughout the day
• Relieve stress and experience inner peace
• Develop harmonious relationships

學員見證 Students Stories


(Macular Degeneration returns to normal)

2004年因為生病用藥造成了她眼睛黃斑病變,做了手術後,由於視網膜細胞受了一些損傷,兩隻眼睛在看東西時出現黑圈,而且視力也越來越差,她也越來越擔心。自從開始修煉菩提禪修方法,她竟然發現眼睛裡的黑圈完全消失了! 醫生也證實她的視力得到了改善。
In 2004, Mitra was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration due to medication. After surgery, as her retinal cells had suffered some damage, she saw black circles and had blurred vision. She was worried. After a Bodhi Meditation retreat in June 2019, she found that the black circles had completely disappeared! Her doctor confirmed that her eyes had improved!

法甘 FaGan

(A medical surgeon received benefits in both body and mind)

在一個偶然機緣下法甘參加了八天半健身班。精通中西醫的她本來想來體驗能量,結果沒想到這個健身班竟帶給她幾個意外收穫:以前因為腿骨折,裡面裝了6個螺絲釘,一直都疼痛難忍,課程竟意外消除了多年的疼痛; 手上原本有的一個小囊腫奇蹟消失; 嚴重的眼睛乾燥症與氣管炎都好了!
FaGan is proficient in both Chinese and Western medicine. By chance, she attended an 8.5-Day Health and Happiness Retreat. Her initial goal was to experience energy. During the class, she received several unexpected benefits. Years earlier, she had severely broken her leg and needed 6 screws inserted for the healing process. This resulted in years of suffering and pain. During the class, she noticed that the pain was gone. Meanwhile, a small cyst on her hand, severe dryness and the bronchitis she had suffered from also disappeared!


For more information, contact the Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Center, Phone: +1604-537-2268